Matt Wille

Matt is an associate editor at Input where he covers gaming, tech, and culture with a critical eye. Prior to joining Input, he spent a few years as a freelance writer across many beats, with a focus on queer culture.

Biden administration concedes it can't do much to end the chip shortage

The Department of Commerce's first silicon supply chain report is bleak, to say the least.


Amazon's phoney 'ambassador' tweet program is reportedly over

Goodbye, Amazon Ambassadors. Your presence will not be missed.

Bye Bye Bye

Google will try broad, transparent identifiers to replace invasive cookies

Advertisers certainly won't be happy about the lack of detailed personal information.


Neil Young thinks quitting Spotify will force it to dump Joe Rogan

Young penned an open letter calling Spotify out for allowing Rogan to spread vaccine misinformation to his large audience.

Good luck with that

Google is hoodwinking users into thinking their location data is safe

Four attorneys general have filed lawsuits against Google, claiming the company is purposefully vague about how it uses and stores location data.


This Twitter account spoils tomorrow's ‘Wordle’ for no good reason

Is it really that difficult to just let people enjoy things?

Bully alert

Twitter's new Flock feature takes aim at Instagram Close Friends

Finally, a way to post nudes without your coworkers seeing them.

Tweet Tweet

Leaked Cybertruck photos reveal ugly side mirrors, no door handles

Tesla's Cybertruck is looking more road-ready than ever. And just as blocky.


Saint Elon Musk is ready to help Tonga with Starlink terminals. Oh, wait.

Musk asked on Twitter whether or not it would be 'important' for SpaceX to send Starlink setups to Tonga.

Saint Elon

Neuralink is gearing up for human trials despite lacking FDA approval

Elon Musk's brain-computer interface company still hasn't been given the go-ahead to test its implants on humans.


Four decades later, Microsoft finally owns ‘Zork’

Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard completes a circle that opened in 1979.

Zork! confirms $34 million was stolen in 2FA breach

All funds have since been restored to their owners.


Amazon's first brick-and-mortar clothing store will open this year in L.A.

Amazon destroyed the retail industry. Now it's time to swoop in and make more money off that destruction.


Nook GlowLight 4 review: A reboot that still lags Kindles and Kobos

Barnes & Noble’s first E Ink Nook e-reader in half a decade just can’t compete with Kindle and Kobo.


Final Fantasy hentai brought some flavor to an Italian senate meeting

Hey, it's a live broadcast. You have to expect some unexpected viewing experiences.

Final Fantasy XXX

Tesla driver charged with manslaughter in Autopilot crash

It's the first time Autopilot has been involved in a felony case. Not that Tesla will care.


Today's 5G rollout could cause 'catastrophic' flight delays, airlines warn

AT&T and Verizon spent $65 billion on the new C-band spectrum. They're not letting the airlines win this without a fight.


Intel is cutting Blu-Ray support from next-gen processors

Blu-Ray isn't obsolete, exactly, but it's not worth the trouble of playing them for Intel.

Bye Bye Blu-Ray

YouTubers' identities are being sold as NFTs without their consent

At least three prominent gaming YouTubers have spoken out against the NFTs.


Bobby Kotick may be on the way out after Microsoft’s Activision deal

Kotick will remain CEO of Activision Blizzard at least as long as the deal is still pending.