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Tesla rebrands 'Full Self-Driving' beta as Autopilot investigations deepen

The "Enhanced Autopilot" package is back, and it looks a lot like FSD by a different name.


Giving self-driving cars ‘memories’ of past trips could solve safety issues

A new study from Cornell University asks whether or not remembering past drives would make autonomous vehicles less dangerous.


Zuckerberg ditches election moderation in hot pursuit of metaverse revenue

Meta's elections team has been downsized by 80 percent since the 2020 election.


Apple is finally testing more robust SMS spam filters for iOS

Spam texts, like cockroaches, seem impossible to kill. Can Apple stomp them out?

Spam No More?

Susie Ibarra and Richard Reed Parry on writing music to their heartbeats

The artists composed "Heart and Breath: Rhythm and Tone Fields" by listening to their bodies' natural rhythms.


Pornhub parent company CEO and COO resign amid continued scandal

Mindgeek has been mired in controversy for years.


Google's charging small businesses for email after decades of free service

And Google isn't even making it very easy for business owners to make the switch to the new subscription model.

Greedy Google

Tesla walks back layoff estimates, facing mass layoff lawsuit

Elon Musk has reduced his layoff estimates from 10 percent to 3 percent.

No big
You're So Vain

These are the 9 gifts every gay dad wants

Not just any gift will do for the gay dads in your life.

Father's Day

UPS is testing these skinny electric cargo bikes in NYC traffic

The four-wheeled cycles, called eQuads, are the perfect size for bike lane travel.

Skinny Legend

Kraken's new 'crypto-first' culture forbids critical thinking

CEO Jesse Powell says it's time for employees to jump ship if they aren't all-in on cryptocurrency.


Dish begs FCC to deactivate Starlink setups used in moving vehicles

Elon Musk has been encouraging customers to use Starlink while in motion, even though it goes against FCC rules.

It's fight time

Amazon-owned Wickr app is a go-to destination for child sex abuse material

Amazon does little to ensure the end-to-end encrypted messaging app isn't misused.


Hey, at least this Corvette NFT comes with an actual sports car

The "Minted Green" Corvette Z06 is one-of-a-kind, and all proceeds from its auction go to charity.

Fake Real Car

BMW is testing an iX SUV with a driving range of 600 miles

Dual-chemistry battery technology from Our Next Energy allows the SUV to go nearly twice as far as most EVs.

Vroom Vroom

William Shatner's Blue Origin flight sent him weeping for the environment

All it took was a $28 million trip to Earth's orbit for Shatner to realize the existential threat of climate destruction.


This AI posted on 4chan for days before being unmasked

Yannic Kilcher trained his bot on 134.5 million 4chan posts. What could go wrong?


Meta is basically killing off the Portal smart home display line

It's reportedly keeping Portal around for businesses, though.