YouTubers spent a ton of money restoring the 1986 'Super Mario Bros.' cartoon film


Everyone is making new Game Boys except Nintendo

As another wave of Game Boy nostalgia crests, Nintendo still hasn't jumped in the ring.

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Adidas plans to bring back two of Kobe Bryant’s sneakers in 2022

The late basketball player’s Adidas Kobe 1 and EQT Elevation are slated to return — seemingly without Vanessa Bryant’s approval.


We totally need this gold Pac-Man Casio watch

This special edition Casio A100 watch is a homage to Pac-Man in all the right ways and more than justifies the price.


Adidas’ new Forum Exhibit sneakers give the vintage design a modern look

The retro basketball shoe now features a removable strap and updated color schemes.


Claims The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS was cursed are hard to dismiss

A resurfaced Reddit thread serves as a great reminder of just how creepy and perfect the DS' first 'Sims' game was, and still is.


An incredibly rare Nintendo e-Reader Kirby Card is up for auction

The card was part of 2002 E3's promotional swag, and is believed to be one of the only remaining copies in existence.


Clippy refuses to die, is resurrected as a Microsoft emoji

Clippy 2: This Time It's Personal

Need help?

Finally, a way to transfer Game Boy Camera photos to your phone

DIY projects like this ingenious Wi-Fi adapter only make Nintendo’s 23-year-old Game Boy Camera even more fun and convenient to shoot with.


Near mint-condition Super Mario 64 sets record for most expensive video game


McDonald's' new pixelated ads are a refreshing kind of brag

And instantly recognizable.


This early copy of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ can be yours for only... $115K