N64 support is coming to Polymega

In an exclusive interview with Nintendolife, Bryan Bernal, the CEO of Playmaji talked about the new module.


An Oral History of ‘The Simpsons: Road Rage’

After countless terrible games based on The Simpsons, everything changed in 2001 with this Crazy Taxi rip-off.


Desperate fans think 'GTA Trilogy' hides first peek at 'GTA 6'

But is JFK Jr. still alive?


This Android PS2 emulator can run 'Devil May Cry' on your phone

AetherSX2 is only in alpha, but it delivers impressive results.


The Mobile Phone Museum is a monument to the earliest and weirdest phones ever

The online curation covers everything from the suitcase-sized phones that started it all to the smartphones we know and love today. And it’s all viewable online for free.

Time machine

Guy trains rats to (kinda sorta) play 'Doom'

Turns out even rats are sometimes worthy to be chosen as Doomslayers.


'Earthworm Jim' is returning to TV sans racist, homophobic creator

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say that's probably for the best.


Nintendo’s Zelda Game & Watch is a perfect gift, but don’t expect depth

For $50, Nintendo’s Zelda Game & Watch handheld has stocking stuffer written all over it. Just don’t expect too much. It’s really just a collector’s toy.


Make electric vehicles chonky, you cowards

We're tired of amorphous blobs and "sleek" futuristic designs. Bring back the old-school chonk, vehicle visionaries.


'Skate 2' is coming back to Xbox, but EA's still turning off the servers

The painful reality of backward compatibility strikes again.


Xbox closes backward compatibility library after adding 76 more games

Blast from the past.


Rockstar apparently pulled 'GTA' trilogy because of Hot Coffee — again

Car theft is a flat circle.


This PS2 emulator can boot every title barring... 'Real World Golf'

If you can't play an obscure mediocre golf simulator from 2006, then what's the damn point?


'Metal Gear Solid' games removed from storefronts due to license issues

Scrambled communications.


This handheld children's gaming emulator has an X-rated flaw

There's a very problematic app not-so-hidden within the PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2.


This Game Boy, Nintendo Switch hybrid is all we want in this world

A retro gaming modder transformed a Game Boy Advance SP into a Switch-like console with docking abilities and Joycon use.