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I found the world’s scammiest flashlight on Instagram

I wanted to feel like Special Ops, but Outlemax made me feel more like a boy scout.

K9 Sport Sack review dog backpack that's actually worth the price

I finally found a dog backpack that’s actually worth the price

At $95, the K9 Sport Sack is not exactly a cheap dog backpack. But it makes carrying a dog on your back easier than I ever thought possible.

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Keychron Q1 review: Your gateway to keyboard addiction

Whether you’re an enthusiast or just getting into mechanical keyboards, the Keychron Q1 is crazy customizable, built like a tank, and a joy to type on. It’s also affordable at $170.


Wearing Converse’s Rick Owens TURBOWPN sneaker: So heavy, so comfy

The DRKSHDW shoe weighs even more than the famously hefty Balenciaga Triple S.


iPhone 13 & 13 mini review: So ordinary it's extraordinary

With batteries that last longer and double the storage, the iPhone 13 and 13 mini is a boring but very solid update. It beats a bag of new gimmicks.


iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max review: Nearly perfect, but the camera needs a fix

The new high end iPhones are faster, sharper, and last longer than any previous models. But one photo-taking flaw feels like it crashes the party.


DJI's OM 5 is a must-own phone gimbal for travelers

Lighter and more compact than previous models, DJI has practically perfected its $159 OM 5 phone gimbal with a telescoping rod and more new features.


ClockworkPi DevTerm review: A sick cyberdeck for your inner phreak

ClockworkPi's new minimalist, portable terminal is a lot of fun for new and experienced DIY computer enthusiasts, even if it's still mostly a toy.


GoPro Hero 10 Black review: The greatest camera value of all time?

Video quality and stabilization have improved greatly, but the GoPro experience — with a GoPro subscription — makes the Hero 10 Black a total bargain for professional creatives and amateurs alike.


Giphy’s Frame by Frame book is a love letter to the artsy GIF

Giphy gives GIFs a send-up with a colorful 80-page, holographic showcase.


I can't stop wearing Nike's Off-White 'The 50' Dunk Low sneakers

An all-time classic gets the Virgil Abloh treatment again. Stop preserving your grails and start wearing them.

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Canon EOS 7 review: An incredible 35mm film camera in 2021

Shooting professional-grade 35mm photography hasn't been this easy since the early 2000s.