Xiaomi’s mind-reading headband controls smart devices with your brain

The prototype MiGu headband uses electroencephalogram technology to translate your brainwaves into smart home commands.


Time, temperature, the price of Doge? They’re all on my Tidbyt.

This smart — but not too smart — screen is the perfect desk gadget.

This Thing Rules

Canon’s face-tracking AI camera is creeping its way to the U.S.

The Powershot Pick automatically snaps photos by tracking subjects and their smiles. It only feels a little bit creepy.


Micron’s new 1.5TB microSD can record video for five years straight

The i400 was designed for commercial use, but the 1.5TB capacity is the first that we imagine could make its way to consumers eventually.


The 6 best digital picture frames for all of your dad's photos

For Father’s Day, get your dad a digital picture frame. From ones that auto-update to ones that double as smart displays, these are the six best to get dad.

Father's Day

GE’s voice-controlled washing machine is a victim of Amazon’s Alexa overkill

Have we gone too far in laundry washing technology? If we even have to ask that question, the answer is probably yes.


Sonos mistakenly sends customers extra speakers, now wants them back

When you make an error, there is naturally no other option but to double down.


Meta is basically killing off the Portal smart home display line

It's reportedly keeping Portal around for businesses, though.


Streaming Xbox games on Samsung's smart TVs is a low-latency delight

We tried Samsung's new Xbox Game Pass integration to stream console-quality AAA games without the console.

No Xbox Required

Dyson is working on chore-bots that can pick up after us

Dyson put out a video showing off robots tackling basic tasks like picking up dishes and toys, but most of the project remains top secret.


Finally, you don't need to repeat 'Hey Google' over and over on your Nest Hub Max

"Look and Talk" is a new feature coming to Google's largest smart display. Why isn't it coming to the smaller Nest Hubs?

Google I/O 2022

Why LED light bulbs are the secret to a happier home

Swapping the bulbs in my home with LEDs made my work from home life better. Here’s what to keep in mind when upgrading your lighting.

Spring Cleaning Issue

Google project replaces loud notifications with puffs of air and shadows

Six different devices in Google's Little Signals project leverage ambient methods of getting your attention, like pulses of air or tapping.


Tesla leaves homeowners in a bind after solar panel roofing delays

Supply chain woes brought projects to a standstill and unfortunately, some homes were already between roofs.

Supply Pain

You can stream entire seasons of TV shows on YouTube for free now

For those who don't mind ads, almost 4,000 episodes of shows like 'Hell's Kitchen' and 'Andromeda' are available on the TV app.


Roborock's S7 MaxV Ultra is the smartest robot vacuum I've ever tested

Roborock’s new robot cleaner is the holy grail: it vacuums, mops, empties, and cleans itself. And one more big plus: it can avoid pet poop, too.

Spring Cleaning Issue