wants to be the royalty-free soundtrack to creators’ content

The subscription-based service offers tens of thousands of songs and FX already licensed for use by anyone.


Netflix's first forays into gaming will be on mobile devices

And free (to Netflix subscribers, of course).


Elgato announces Facecam, a boring 1080p webcam for streamers

It costs $199, which seems high.


Valve finally announces its handheld gaming system, Steam Deck

Reservations open up Friday. December seems so far away.


Netflix has its sights set on gaming, but it better be prepared to fight

The company has officially hired Mike Verdu, a former Oculus exec, to head its gaming division. But it’s going to need more than talent to succeed.


Peloton pays musicians way more than Spotify, but not because it cares

Three cents per stream is nothing to sneer at, but Peloton isn't going to save the music industry.


Dell's $200 4K webcam doesn't come with a microphone. WTF?

How does a premium webcam that costs this much not have a built-in microphone? It’s absurd.


Sync this classic iPod web app with Apple Music and Spotify for peak 2004 vibes

Yes, it includes the click wheel and a red and black "U2" skin option.


YouTube is opening a massive 6,000-seat venue for live performances

YouTube Theater will host traditional concerts alongside performances from the website's creators.


How to use a third-party controller with Luna

Amazon's game streaming service might work with the controllers you have sitting in a drawer.


Facebook is rolling out its podcast streaming feature next week

Zuckerberg is finally cutting out the middleman between The Joe Rogan Experience and trolls everywhere.


You can now bid actual money on Tiger King NFTs and collectibles

You, too, can now own a part of year-old, grotesque meme history!

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