A new Spotify rival will use crypto to pay artists directly... somehow

The “decentralized music service” has raised funding from some major artists, but doesn't yet know how artists will get paid.


Updates to the Xbox app let you stream console games on your PC

For anyone with a Windows 10 PC or later you can now play your favorite Xbox games without actually having an Xbox physically present.


How to use Netflix’s Spatial Audio feature with AirPods Pro

Immersive audio is rolling out on Netflix’s iOS apps.


YouTube Music is a quiet hit as it passes huge subscriber milestone

And it pays the music industry nearly as much as Spotify.


Gigantic video conferencing keyboard ensures you don't Toobin yourself

Never search for the "share screen" button again thanks to this ridiculous Kickstarter from ChonkerKeys


Turn your home into a nightclub by syncing your Philips Hue with Spotify

The new partnership can match mood, tempo, volume, and more directly via the Hue Bridge.


Amazon may soon stream live performances to Echo speakers

The live audio tool would not be a Clubhouse competitor but rather focus on broadcasting concerts and other live events to Amazon Music subscribers.


Apple acquires classical music app Primephonic as it pushes into the genre

The company says it will integrate classical-centric features into Apple Music, but also release a standalone app for fans of Primephone's interface.


MLK's inclusion in ‘Fornite’ feels disingenuous and creepy

The battle royale game has a troubled history with Black culture as is. This only makes things worse.


Netflix’s first games have shown up in its Polish Android app

The streaming entertainment giant recently hired a former Oculus executive to head up its new gaming division.


YouTube for iOS now supports picture-in-picture, but only if you pay up

Is picture-in-picture really a premium feature? YouTube seems to think so.


Warhammer+ is finally live, here's what you should know about it

The too-good-to-be true streaming service for grimdark fans may be just that.