Did a former ‘New York Times’ reporter exploit musicians for his personal gain?

A YouTube video accuses Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Ian Urbina of fleecing artists. Urbina says his project is “being woefully distorted.”


HBO steps into free-to-play mobile games with 'Insecure'

After Netflix dipped its toes in the water, other streaming services are following suit.


Don't rely on cloud gaming for 'Halo Infinite' this Thanksgiving

Microsoft’s new masterpiece deserves better than cloud gaming.


Spotify's new Netflix Hub is packed with soundtracks and pods

The content hub includes enhanced listening experiences and exclusive new Netflix content.


No, Spotify didn't remove shuffle from all albums per Adele's request

Things have been exaggerated just a tad online, if you can believe it.


Ridley Scott confirms 'Blade Runner' and 'Alien' live-action shows

Speaking to BBC radio news, the legendary director revealed both are in active development.

Tears in the Rain

Spotify is at long last granting all users access to real-time lyrics

Available beginning today for Free and Premium users on almost every platform.


Dell UltraSharp review: This 4K webcam is fantastic for streamers

Whether you’re an aspiring or veteran streamer or content creator, Dell’s UltraSharp 4K webcam delivers on picture quality even in challenging lighting conditions.


Spotify and a slew of other apps are down and the world is suddenly too quiet

When Google Cloud goes down, half the internet sinks with it.


Tokyo woman arrested after making bank from unlicensed anime cakes

Japan's ongoing police crackdown of unofficial 'Demon Slayer' merch continues.

Cupcake Wars

Spotify buys audiobook distributor Findaway in hot pursuit of total domination

The audiobook industry is expected to grow to $15 billion by 2027, Spotify says.


In a plea for peace, YouTube says it’s getting rid of the dislike counter

Don't worry, though, the dislike button itself isn't going anywhere.


Inside Amazon’s bizarre Supreme-like store for its 'Fairfax' show

The company had an IRL pop-up shop in Los Angeles for "Latrine," the fictional brand from its animated series about streetwear and hypebeast culture.


The best microphones, headphones, and audio tools for streamers

When it comes to running a great live stream, audio quality is key.


Hackers reportedly laundered $10M using Twitch’s ‘cheering’ currency

The digital heist was exposed by a group of Turkish streamers.


Backbone+ subscription puts app behind a paywall

If you've already signed up, you're grandfathered in.