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Ikea's new smart air purifier doubles as a side table

There's a standalone version, too, if you've got enough tables already but still want clean air.

Apple's MagSafe battery pack and an iPhone 12

The MagSafe Battery Pack is convenient but slow at charging

In an emergency or during a long travel day, Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack does the job of adding juice to your phone, but the wireless charging is painfully slow.

The Bumble app is seen on an iPhone on 16 March, 2017. The app is resembles Tindr in that it let's h...

Bumble makes pair of week-long holidays a permanent perk for staff

If everyone is compelled to log off at the same time, nobody has to worry about the consequences for their career of being out of the office.


Employees at Elon Musk's tunnel are banned from badmouthing him

When passengers ask about Musk, drivers are instructed to say, “He motivates us to do good work!”


Advocacy groups plead with the FTC to ban corporate surveillance operations

The open letter uses Amazon as a prime example of how corporate surveillance can quickly cause harm across communities.


Huge leak shows off Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3

The new leaks reveal internal and external display sizes for both phones, as well as new renders as the rumored launch date approaches.


Facebook's gearing up to release its somewhat smart Ray-Ban glasses soon

Still unclear just how smart they'll be. But they're coming, that's for sure.


Google will explicitly ban so-called ‘sugar dating’ apps on September 1

The internet’s vendetta against sex continues.

Bye daddy

This 'exo-glove' instantly gives parkour practitioners added grip

Wait, parkour is still a thing?


This portable armadillo-like workstation is perfect for working outdoors

The Shelly is a portable workstation with a bench and a canopy which is perfect for knowledge-economy toiling in nature.


This bipedal robot can run a 5k in less than an hour

Cassie, a robot developed by researchers at Oregon State University completed the first robotic 5-kilometer outdoor run.

Ethical Robotics

Apple is sensibly mandating mask-wearing at all U.S. stores again

In response to surging COVID cases, the company will also delay the return to offices for corporate employees.