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Caucasian female hand holding up a metal capital Q

How extremist YouTube channels are covering their tracks to avoid bans

By leaving videos up only temporarily, conspiracy theorists rack up views and ad dollars before YouTube catches on.

Dartmouth, Canada - February 28, 2020 - 2020 Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks at a Ford dealership.

Ford's over-the-air software updates will add Alexa capabilities this year

The company plans to bring its OTA updates to 33 million vehicles by 2028.

Cicada : Blue butterfly-wings cicada (Distantalna splendida) is a cicada species from southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar and India) Butterfly cicadas with broad multicolor wings. Isolated on white.

Nvidia Broadcast's cicada filter arrives just in time for Hot Bug Summer


Facebook will finally nudge users to read news articles before sharing

Twitter added the feature a year ago.


NFTs are coming to eBay and we don’t know how to feel

At launch, only approved sellers can list the trendy digital collectibles.


TikTok is coming for your whole life with in-app shops and job listings

New ways to make moolah off its young users.


Police are looking for the moronic Tesla owner with a death wish

He’s been flouting his recklessness in posts on social media, which will hopefully make him easier to apprehend.


Instagram now has a dedicated field for your gender pronouns

It’s available now in a few countries.


HTC’s Vive Focus 3 and Pro 2 make VR look even more real with 5K resolution

The all-in-one Vive Focus 3 and PC-based Vive Pro 2 VR headsets push realism even further with more resolution and less motion blur.


Nothing's Teenage Engineering-designed wireless earbuds are called the Ear 1 and launch in June

CEO and co-founder Carl Pei says the Ear 1 is “just the start” to making technology disappear. He also basically confirms the next earbuds will be called the Ear 2.


New autonomous car design sleekly integrates sensors into the roof

Current self-driving cars tend to feature bulky sensors slapped on top of roof racks.


This motorcycle airbag vest deactivates if you haven’t paid your sub

Not the smart clothing we were promised.