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Six standout features in iOS 14

Apple's iOS 14 is here and there a few things you might want to know to get the most out of it.


This beautiful 27-inch Acer monitor is $120 off, but only until tomorrow

Who knows how long we'll be working from home? Stop squinting at your laptop, you deserve better.

Good Finds

This bionic vision system is headed for human trials soon

The hardware could bring vision back to those with untreatable blindness.


Researchers have made a smart suit that can track vitals in real-time

Athletes are constantly looking for that slight edge, and this might be it.


Airbus unveiled three new hydrogen plane concepts

The aviation giant revealed new images of its concepts set to soar in the future.


As Amazon applauds itself for 'climate-friendly' labels, still no word on Bezos' $10B pledge

Jeff Bezos' pledge served to boost his reputation and, seven months later, maybe that's all it's done.


Why Spotify and Epic teaming up against Apple might actually work

Called the Coalition for App Fairness, the group argues that Apple's fees are too damn high.


Amazon's released a ball-shaped Echo and a Facebook-mimicking Show

The Echo line of smart devices just got a fresh coat of fresh paint.


Amazon completes its panopticon with Ring drone that flies around your house

No, this isn't some Orwellian nightmare, this is Amazon hoping you'll forget Ring's horrible track record with privacy.


This smart face mask pairs with your phone and has built-in earbuds

It also features an on-mask microphone and audio controls.


MWC 2020 has been moved to summer 2021

And it's set to take place mostly in-person, it seems. Talk about wishful thinking.


Microsoft thinks now's a great time to launch its 85-inch collaboration device

The Surface Hub 2S is available for pre-order today and launches in January 2021 for $21,999.99.