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Leica Leitz Phone 1 with one-inch camera sensor. Red dot branding. Android. Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chip. Price. Release date.

Leica Leitz Phone 1 packs huge camera sensor at an eye-watering price

The new Leica phone has a one-inch camera sensor and costs nearly $2000, but it has that famous red dot branding.

Simon Townsend, seen here with his "Gold Bank Card", and "Car Phone". May 31, 1983. (Photo by Philip Wayne Lock/Fairfax Media via Getty Images)

Tech breakthroughs happen like bankruptcy: Slowly at first, then all at once

Like a pop star who seems to be an overnight success, major innovations are usually the result of enormous, protracted efforts behind the scenes.

Modern cityscape and communication network concept. Telecommunication. IoT (Internet of Things). ICT (Information communication Technology). 5G. Smart city. Digital transformation.

This map proves U.S. internet infrastructure is even worse than we thought


Antitrust bill would require Apple to let you delete its preinstalled apps

Recently introduced legislation would prevent major tech companies from giving their products preferential treatment.


Super73's new lightweight ZX electric bike is one of its most affordable yet

Deliveries begin in mid-July.


Tamagotchi reborn as a smartwatch. Lets you talk to your pets... sort of.

After 25 years, Bandai is reinventing the Tamagotchi as a semi-smart wearable with a touchscreen and voice commands, coming this fall.


Zaiser’s ‘electrocycle’ promises a whopping 300 miles of range

But we're skeptical it will see the light of day.


CNN jumps into the NFT game, selling clips of historic news moments

“Vault by CNN” will offer up digital “ownership” of news coverage from throughout the news network’s 41-year history.


Biden names anti-tech critic as head of the FTC

The president tapped Lina Khan to be the chairwoman of the agency that investigates corporate abuses.


The Virtual Boy is now a gorgeous handheld thanks to this YouTuber

A YouTuber known for console mods has done the impossible and turned Nintendo’s failed Virtual Boy into a portable handheld.

Dope DIY

Luminar’s Blade sleekly integrates sensors directly into the frame of autonomous cars

Autonomous vehicles require a series of complex sensors. Luminar wants to make sure they get out of the way.


OnePlus’ new marriage to Oppo can only mean way better products

OnePlus and Oppo are joining even closer together at the hip. But I don’t think this means the end for OnePlus — the company’s products can only benefit from Oppo’s innovations.