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The haters are wrong: Macro cameras on phones rule

Macro cameras let you take previously impossible super close-ups. They're not dumb. They're the most exciting thing to happen to phone cameras in years.

The Contrarian

The links in your DMs probably aren’t secure

A new study only cleared iMessage, Signal, Threema, TikTok, and WeChat.


OnePlus 8T beats the iPhone 12 in some mega ways

For $50 less than an iPhone 12, the OnePlus 8T has many features Apple's newest phone doesn't including a 120Hz display, insanely fast charging, 4x the storage, and a really fun macro camera.


T-Mobile's live TV streaming service actually sounds alright

The cheapest package features over 30 live channels including AMC, BBC America, and TLC.


Harley-Davidson has unveiled its first electric bicycle under a new brand

A spinoff company, Serial 1 Cycle Company plans to debut its first production-ready electric bicycles in March 2021.


TikTok and Shopify unconcerned about potential ban, team up

Social commerce is taking off on TikTok.


White Castle is adding more robot cooks to its staff next year

The robots can make burgers and fries in addition to giving employees anxiety.


XDA's made an Ubuntu-powered smartphone with a slideout keyboard

The Pro1-X smartphone looks like a Nokia 9000 Communicator but with 2020 tech.


Tinder catches up to quar dating, adds video chat

Both people have to opt-in to the feature. But you know things are still going to go wrong.


Samsung's Galaxy S30 may not include bundled earbuds or a charger

Apple stopped including the same with its latest iPhone. Samsung following suit was inevitable.


Lol, Facebook wants researchers to stop collecting data on its users

Researchers are specifically looking into the platform’s political ad targeting policies.


Google wants to remind you to shop from Chrome’s new tab page

Antitrust lawsuit be damned.