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Comcast is about to hit all internet customers with a data cap


The PS5 controller is now compatible with Steam

The change is instant for games using Steam Input API


Samsung is going to ax the Note but the S Pen will live on

Rumors about the Note’s demise have not been exaggerated.


Someone rigged up a PC to boot from a vinyl LP

They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.


Apple might drop support for the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S with iOS 15

Two more pivotal installations in Apple's history left behind. Gone but never forgotten.


Our Blade Runner dystopia / We’re living in a cheesy horror movie

On this episode, we’ve got differing opinions about which film our screwed-up civilization most resembles.

Input/Output Podcast

A little automation goes a long way in distracting drivers

You still have to drive, no matter how many fancy automation or assistance features your vehicle has.

Look Ma, no hands!

'Cyberpunk 2077' will have a copyright-friendly mode for Twitch

Developers have added a feature that replaces music for streams that could otherwise incur DMCA takedown notices.


PlayStation 5 review: The most extravagant console in decades

Sony's PlayStation 5 captures the awe and power that comes to mind when you think "next-gen" console. With a more striking design and more immersive DualSense controller that lets you feel games in new ways, the PS5 is the superior gaming experience compared to the Xbox Series X.


Here's a ring light so comically large you can hula hoop with it

Smith-Victor's Saturn Pro is 48-inches wide and looks like a portal to another world.


The eUtility is the first American-built electric tractor

Though it's best suited to smaller farms, it's a pleasing portent of things to come.


ClockworkPi's DevTerm looks to have perfected the retail cyberdeck

The makers of the GameShell emulator are releasing pure cyberpunk computing goodness this spring.