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World's first carbon fiber phone is thin enough to cut cake with

The Carbon 1 Mark II is billed as the world's first phone with a carbon fiber body. It means the phone is super thin and light, but how much is that worth to you?


This floating turbine will use the ocean to help power an island

Wave energy is set to power one of Tasmania’s islands and could one day help expedite humanity's transition to sustainable energy.


This 'Blade Runner' parody explains our rage at Nintendo's 'limited time' games

Nintendo last year released new Mario games to celebrate the plumber's 35th anniversary but will, inexplicably and frustratingly, stop selling them on March 31.


This portable generator could save your butt, and it’s $100 off right now

When a crisis hits, you're gonna be glad you have this baby to keep all of your devices (including your fridge) charged up.

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This prototype camera lens focuses using heat, not movement

The material in the lens, developed at MIT's Materials Research Laboratory, changes upon reacting to heat.


Internet discounts are coming, courtesy of the FCC


Facebook is seriously weighing whether its smart glasses should have facial recognition

Imagine a strange being able to identify you thanks to their smart glasses and your Facebook profile.


Voice assistants are finally being trained to account for speech impediments

Inclusivity and accessibility tend to take longer to arrive despite arguably being more valuable to those who need it than those who don't.


Deepfake videos of Tom Cruise show the technology's threat to society is very real

We're entering scary times.


Upcoming 'Harry Potter' game faces new controversy, but not over J.K. Rowling

The lead designer behind 'Hogwarts Legacy' has a history of bigoted views.


French law forces Apple to display repair scores alongside its products

Would you believe it if we told you the scores are pretty terrible?


MyHeritage's deepfake tool animates ancient photos and it's as weird as it sounds

The genealogy service is using artificial intelligence-powered tools as a marketing campaign to drum up new subscribers.