Lucid Air’s 520-mile range beats Tesla, according to EPA results

That's a lot of driving on a single charge.


Instagram CEO hit with backlash after comparing the app to car safety

Your silly little app can't take us to get groceries, Adam.


Tesla's latest Full-Self Driving beta shows the technology is still very bad

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Sondors has delayed its $5K Metacycle to end of 2021

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Walmart is partnering with Ford for AI-driven autonomous deliveries

The new program will pilot in Miami, Austin, and Washington, D.C.


This solar-powered electric RV is a wholly off-grid house on wheels

Meet Stella Vita, a mobile home that can operate using the sun’s energy exclusively.


Michelin's Uptis is an airless car tire that won't ever get a flat

The company is partnering with GM to offer the tires on certain vehicles starting as early as 2024.


Mercedes-Benz unveiled a Disney-branded, mind-reading concept car

It’s inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar. No, seriously.


The Serial 1 is the Cadillac of e-bikes... with a price to match

If you have to ask how much, Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 is probably not the electrified bicycle for you.


Ford just poached Apple's top car executive

Doug Field has led Apple's secret car project since 2018.


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Wearing New Balance’s Casablanca XC-72: A race car for your feet

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