Americans are now buying a ton of electric bicycles

A new reports shows U.S. electric bike imports jumped to 790,000 in 2021, representing a 70 percent increase from the previous year.


Mini offers to convert its gas-guzzling classics into electric vehicles

The converted electric Minis have about 100 miles of range and can go from zero to 60 mph in nine seconds.


Tesla might be scaring companies away from the term 'self-driving'

In a pointed shift, the 'Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets' is officially renaming its organization to the 'Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association.'


Sony's Vision-S 02 electric SUV explained in 5 key stats

A new prototype proves Sony is taking electric vehicles seriously.


Leaked Cybertruck photos reveal ugly side mirrors, no door handles

Tesla's Cybertruck is looking more road-ready than ever. And just as blocky.


This self-parking electric Airstream is the glamping future we want

Thor Industries’ Airstream and RV are setting a high benchmark for electrified outdoor vehicles.


Tesla driver charged with manslaughter in Autopilot crash

It's the first time Autopilot has been involved in a felony case. Not that Tesla will care.


This fat-tire electric scooter, bike hybrid is an all-terrain beast

Alpine Riding is packing a lot of power into this off-road electric bike hybrid.


The 8 vaporware concepts we wish were real from CES 2022

Good or terrible, shipping today or never, the ideas keep us in awe and keep us dreaming of the future.

Best of CES 2022

Bugatti's first electric vehicle is a commuter scooter

It's not exactly high-powered. Pretty luxurious, though.

CES 2022

Nuro's cute new autonomous delivery bot has airbags on the outside

Airbag or no airbag, getting bonked by one of these things will probably ruin your day.


Aw, it looks like the Cybertruck might not be ready this year after all

All mention of the estimated 2022 release has been scrubbed from Tesla's website.


Lime's fourth-generation e-bikes are launching in D.C.

The company's bikes are now available in more than 50 cities around the world.


Watch Daymak's speedy three-wheeled EV take its first public test drive

It might just be a jaunt around a parking lot, but we got to see the Spiritus in action.


The absolute best electric vehicles of CES 2022

CES 2022 saw loads of mobility companies and automakers roll out their vision of an electrified future.

Best of CES 2022

Elon Musk's traffic-solving Tesla tunnel keeps getting traffic jams

The Boring Company's underground Tesla transit was supposed to cut back on congestion. Instead it’s simply moved it underground.

Promises, Promises