The electric Cobra is the classic car conversion of your dreams

All of the classic car class without any of the gas-guzzling guilt.


Tesla's Autopilot thinks the moon is a big old traffic light in the sky

When the moon hits your AI like a big pizza pie... that's a cue to slow down?


Chinese EV maker Xpeng’s P5 sedan pummels the Tesla Model 3 on price

In China, the Model 3's starting price is $38,700. The P5, meanwhile, starts at a mere $24,670.


Tesla dials back Full Self-Driving hardware package price to $1,000

The price reduction follows complaints that Tesla deceived customers into thinking their vehicles already included the appropriate hardware.


You could soon be hailing self-driving Ford cars in Miami or Austin

The cars are being added to Lyft's network by the end of the year.


Tesla might accept bitcoin for cars again after all

Elon Musk said at a conference on Wednesday that Tesla, which used to accept bitcoin as payment, then stopped, is now considering doing so again. Sigh.


Nope, charging electric cars doesn’t pollute as much driving gas ones does

A long-standing myth that EVs are no better than gas-guzzlers thanks to power generation and material costs is finally put to rest.


Tesla will finally open Superchargers to other EV makers later this year

As much as it pains us to say it, this is a good decision from Elon.


Drivers with older Teslas need to pay $1,500 for self-driving hardware


Aston Martin's new hybrid supercar is like IRL Hot Wheels

The Aston Martin Valhalla was unveiled this week and is outfitted with a plug-in hybrid system along with the ability to hit a top speed of 217 mph.

This Goes Fast

Ford made a gasoline-inspired perfume to ease skeptics' transition to EVs

It's not called Ford Musk-tang, which we feel is a missed opportunity.

Sniff this

Zero's new FXE electric motorcycle is pricey but hot

The distinctive design is paired with a high-powered motor for an extremely enticing electric bike.