Amazon's self-driving Zoox taxis are training for rain in Seattle

There's just not enough inclement weather in California.


Tesla launches in-house car insurance program for Texas

The service purportedly uses "real-time driving behavior" monitoring instead of traditional factors like driving history, credit, and gender.


Canoo's curvy electric van explained in 5 key specs

Glassy, curvaceous design isn’t the only thing that separates Canoo's 'Lifestyle Vehicle' from the rest of the EV pack.


E-bike maker VanMoof's new 'hyperbike' is designed for long commutes

The Dutch company's VanMoof V is a faster e-bike with more range designed to help bike commuters go further.


Land Energy's rugged e-motorcycle can swap batteries on the fly

The District is a hybrid electric bike and motorcycle ready to tackle the road and the trail


Tesla unveils new battery pack at Gigafactory tour. And, sigh, Gigabeer.

The new battery structure will make Model Y production more efficient and cost-effective.


An electrified Aston Martin DB6 is the new car of our dreams

Classic swagger without any of the fume-spewing guilt.


Elon Musk says Tesla is moving its headquarters to Texas

Did anyone let him know that it's illegal to sell cars directly to consumers there?


Rivian's electric SUV hype explained in 5 key specs

The R1S is a high-powered, luxury EV with lots to be excited about.


Tesla increases Model 3 and Model Y prices... again

Prices across multiple tiers of each model jumped between $1,000 and $2,000.


Car jackers used device disguised as a Supreme-branded Game Boy

Thieves in Britain were arrested for using a security bypass system hidden within a knockoff Nintendo case.


Tesla fined a whopping $137 million in racial abuse lawsuit

A contract worker alleged that he experienced daily racial harassment.


You can now order this bizarre e-bike that looks like an actual pipe

Sol Motors' electric bicycle, the Pocket Rocket, is really real and you can order it now.

Pipe Dreams

California green lights autonomous taxis from Cruise and Waymo

The rides will be limited to certain parts of the San Francisco Bay Area initially.


Rolls-Royce promises an all-electric luxury lineup by 2030

The Spectre, its first all-electric vehicle, will debut in 2023.


In South Korea, your Samsung phone can function as a car key

Well, if your car happens to be the all-electric Genesis GV60.