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James is Input’s Senior Editor and spends his time crafting stories with words and lots of pretty pictures. Sometimes, he also reviews viral internet things you probably shouldn’t buy — and some that you should! When he’s not at work, staring intensely into a glowing rectangle (computer monitor), he can be found at home, staring into a separate, more enjoyable, glowing rectangle (the TV). Send him a line if you want to argue intensely about chicken wings.

Spotify's 'Stranger Things' playlist just sent me straight to Vecna hell

With a playlist as off-base as this, you can pretty much start pre-crumpling my bones right now.

Rest in Playlist

The 6 best electric bikes for dads who are dying for a new ride

In a world of endless e-bike options, there’s a two-wheeler to buy any dad on Father’s Day.

Father's Day

Apple's M2 chip explained in 5 key stats

The next generation of Apple's M-series chips has arrived. Here's everything you need to know.

WWDC 2022

Jordan Peterson's Yumi Nu tweet deserves an award for unintentional comedy

And no amount of blatant misogyny is going to change that.


How to keep your nudes safe on iPhone

Nudes are great, but less so when you accidentally send them to your dad.

Spring Cleaning Issue

Klipsch's mid-century Bluetooth speaker changed my life

The Klipsch One II Bluetooth speaker hits the goldilocks zone of style and substance.

This Thing Rules

Super73's C1X concept blurs the line between electric bike and motorcycle

Super73 knows e-bikes are a gateway to something faster.


Apple's new M1 Ultra chip explained in 5 key stats

Apple’s newest update to the M1 lineup harnesses the power of “UltraFusion” to combine two chips into one.

Gotta go fast

Air Fryer vs. Deep Fryer: Which Super Bowl wing wins?

A Buffalo, New York native decides once and for all which homemade chicken wing gets the crown.

Super Bowl

Levy Electric Scooter review: The best scooter for city riders?

Levy's modular battery pack, foolproof stem, and lightweight frame make commuting astoundingly easy.


Watch GTA V get played on an original Game Boy like no one intended

GTA meets GB with this incredibly complicated game mod.


Sony's Vision-S 02 electric SUV explained in 5 key stats

A new prototype proves Sony is taking electric vehicles seriously.


This self-parking electric Airstream is the glamping future we want

Thor Industries’ Airstream and RV are setting a high benchmark for electrified outdoor vehicles.


Yamaha's sleek electric scooter has the sex appeal of a sports bike

The EMF meshes Yamaha design with Gogoro's swappable battery technology.


This fat-tire electric scooter, bike hybrid is an all-terrain beast

Alpine Riding is packing a lot of power into this off-road electric bike hybrid.


Watch this cookie-shaped flying saucer take its first untethered flight

It's a plane, it's an M&M, it's well, we don't really know what it is.


Mui's wooden 'Calm' hub is an Alexa stand-in that doesn't ruin your decor

This smart home hub is meant to make interacting with voice-assistants a more peaceful process.


Nuro's cute new autonomous delivery bot has airbags on the outside

Airbag or no airbag, getting bonked by one of these things will probably ruin your day.


Kymco's new e-scooter is a battery beast with a 120-mile range

With no fewer than five batteries, Kymco's e-scooter will make sure you never run out of juice.


Watch Daymak's speedy three-wheeled EV take its first public test drive

It might just be a jaunt around a parking lot, but we got to see the Spiritus in action.