James Pero

James is Input’s Card Story Editor and spends his time crafting stories with words and lots of pretty pictures. Sometimes, he also reviews viral internet things you probably shouldn’t buy. When he’s not at work, staring intensely into a glowing rectangle (computer monitor), he can be found at home, staring into a separate, more enjoyable, glowing rectangle (the TV).

Yamaha's sleek electric scooter has the sex appeal of a sports bike

The EMF meshes Yamaha design with Gogoro's swappable battery technology.


This fat-tire electric scooter, bike hybrid is an all-terrain beast

Alpine Riding is packing a lot of power into this off-road electric bike hybrid.


Watch this cookie-shaped flying saucer take its first untethered flight

It's a plane, it's an M&M, it's well, we don't really know what it is.


Mui's wooden 'Calm' hub is an Alexa stand-in that doesn't ruin your decor

This smart home hub is meant to make interacting with voice-assistants a more peaceful process.


Nuro's cute new autonomous delivery bot has airbags on the outside

Airbag or no airbag, getting bonked by one of these things will probably ruin your day.


Kymco's new e-scooter is a battery beast with a 120-mile range

With no fewer than five batteries, Kymco's e-scooter will make sure you never run out of juice.


Watch Daymak's speedy three-wheeled EV take its first public test drive

It might just be a jaunt around a parking lot, but we got to see the Spiritus in action.


The absolute best electric vehicles of CES 2022

CES 2022 saw loads of mobility companies and automakers roll out their vision of an electrified future.

Best of CES 2022

Behold: scenes from The Saddest CES On Record

Omicron didn't officially cancel CES 2022, but technically it didn’t have to.


Sony's Vision-S 02 concept EV is an entertainment center on wheels

Sony showed off prototypes of its Vision-S electric vehicles, which now include an SUV decked out with as many screens as your eyes can handle.

CES 2022

Mercedes-Benz’s solar-assisted EV concept could get 620 miles of range

The sporty-looking Vision EQXX concept pushes the boundaries, both figuratively and literally.

CES 2022

Kohler's smart bathtub magically fills itself using voice commands

You won't know true power until you can shout your own tub into filling with water.

CES 2022

Lightyear's affordable new solar EV explained in 5 key specs

Cheaper, more efficient, and coming for Tesla's title for long range king.


Nvidia's Matrix-themed computers are God tier level cyberpunk

The only way to own one of these gems is to enter Nvidia's ongoing promotional contest for The Matrix Resurrections.


Eviation's electric plane concept makes flying look luxurious again

No fossil fuels and no middle seats make Eviation’s Alice planes look pretty appealing.


Toyota teases electric FJ Cruiser among slew of upcoming EVs

Toyota is going all-in to electrify its lineup of vehicles by 2030 and the defunct FJ Cruiser may be among the beneficiaries.


Leaked pictures reveal electric Mini Cooper’s new look

Leaked pictures show notable changes to the 2023 Mini Cooper.


Jackrabbit's tiny, adorable electric bike will ship very soon

You'll never have to worry about fitting an e-bike in your cramped, city apartment ever again.


Watch this drone capture Tesla's latest Cybertruck on a real track run

A welcome sight for anyone excited about Tesla's polygonal power truck.